Christmas 3D Photo Screensaver

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Are you expecting a 'traditional' Christmas screensaver? Then you are up for a big surprise. How about a dancing snowman that experiments with fireworks, dresses up Christmas tree, turns the lights on and off and plays different vinyl records? Who said Christmas can't be a bit crazy? The screensaver features great sound effects and spectacular 3D graphics.

Publisher description

Do you like Christmas? Too bad it comes only once a year. Hey, if you really, really like Christmas - why not have it every day? Christmas 3D Screensaver brings the warm feelings of joy right to your computer desktop. Share these feelings with your family, friends and coworkers. Unfortunately, a lot of folks can't afford to have a dressed Christmas tree every year for one reason or another. But our PC desktop Christmas tree never ages! In some parts of the world it never snows. It's not a problem with Christmas 3D Screensaver; the right kind of weather - frosty, with a lot of snow - is guaranteed. See, how simple it is ? no need to pick a Christmas tree, no time spent dressing it, no worries about what kind of weather it's going to be ? one download and Christmas comes to you.

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